It’s a gorgeous day out. I just finished the first draft of my first paper that actually might end up anywhere. We got to hear Pickle’s heartbeat today. There are 25 days until Opening Day.

And I have lots of ideas for brightening Pickle’s world. Most of them will never come to fruition, and that saddens me, but the fact that the kid is inspiration makes me feel more like I’ll be an alright dad. It’s especially important because I’ve been sad about the state of the world this week.

Listening to this NPR story: This I Believe by Yinong Young-Xu was palliative–I’m perfectly okay with contemplating our capacity for brutality or sin or hatred or what-have-you. It’s the failure to deny the temptation that hatred presents that drives me to despondency. It seems pretty widespread, and it breaks my heart. It’s one of the reasons I listen to public radio. They have a stated interest in providing information to listeners without seeking to satisfy advertisers or maximize ratings. That isn’t to say that they don’t seek to satisfy supporters or increase ratings, but they at least claim to be striving for another goal.

Not everyone cares about the quality of the information they take in, not everyone feels the need to achieve some level of moral satisfaction with the world and their place in it, and that’s fine. For those who do, though, I wish it were more conciliatory. I wish the discussion were more two-sided. I wish people would seek multiple sources for their information, maintain humility in their opinions, hedge when necessary when making proclamations, remain considerate of the humanity of their opposition, and give the benefit of the doubt to the intentions of those individuals who are passionate about their views, or passionate about remaining agnostic on an issue, if that’s the case.

There’s just so much unfounded certainty and baseless vitriol that our public discourse seems like one long, drunken bar argument a lot of the time.

And then I was in the waiting room with Cheryl and I had some ideas. First, I want to get a piece of posterboard and paint it chromakey green, so when the kid’s born, we can drop out the background and throw in some ninjas or alligators or scenes from Bionic Commando (COMMUNI-WIRE- CATE TAPPING). So that’ll be awesome.

Forgot to post this a while ago. The end of that post, I guess. My apologies for the negative tone. Embrazos al mundo.