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From Scrooged

FRANK:        It’s a night you’ve gotta party hearty, Marty.
Check this out. Whoa-ho! Don’t be so mean. Ugh!
[points to mistletoe]

There’s a rule, a tradition which says…
I have to kiss this girl.
She’s just upholding the law. It’s a federal law, actually.
Boy, that was very good. But you know what?
It wasn’t great. There’s only been one “great”.
There is a girl…
that I wish I were with tonight.
It’s a girl that I loved a long time ago.
A girl that I still love.
It’s not too late, is it?
Claire, you remember the Kama Sutra, page   ?
Our legs are like this. You circle me, chanting, before we begin?
It was practically impossible.
Tonight, we could do this without serious physical damage.

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